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SmartROC D65

By Atlas Copco Rocks

The SmartROC D65 DTH mining rig is designed with cutting-edge automation technology.

smartroc d65

Powerful and intelligent

The SmartROC D65 shares its powerful drilling capacity and versatility with Atlas Copco's popular, FlexiROC D60 and D65 rig.

The addition of a computerised brain in the SmartROC D65 means it has the capability and aptitude to reach new levels of brilliance.

The SmartROC D65 is the mining crawler of the future. It will help you discover increased productivity and will transform the workplace.

Minimise your non-drilling time

The Hole Navigation System (HNS) is the intelligent option that permits a faster setup so you can carry out high-precision drilling work in any type of weather.

What's more, the HNS can reduce your production costs by optimising drilling and blasting, improving fragmentation and reducing the quantity of explosives needed. It removes the need to manually mark and survey hole positions. This greatly improves both efficiency and safety on the bench.

Control and planning power

The operation of your SmartROC can be incorporated with other systems based on the international rock excavation data exchange standard (IREDES) file format.

By integrating with planning and fleet management tools, you can realise greater control of your operation. The rig reports back to you in the form of log files. The easy-to-use ROC manager application helps you manage these log files and consolidate data from multiple rigs.

A rig that drills on its own

The SmartROC D65 drills the hole on its own, as rods are added and extracted automatically to reach the desired depth. This relieves the operator of this dull task and frees time for other assignments, such as preparing materials on the bench while the rig completes the hole by itself.

The fully-automated drill cycle manages consumables in a consistent, careful manner, minimising the wear and the risk of potential breakdowns.

Steady drilling control

The SmartROC D65 senses the drilling environment and automatically adjusts its output to precisely match the task at hand.

Features such as anti-jam detection, adjustable collaring speed and precise threading make for consistent handling of drill consumables through the whole drilling cycle.

The rig conserves its power wisely for smooth and more consistent drilling.

Designed to connect and co-operate

SmartROC D65 shares its intelligent SmartROC platform with all rigs in the SmartROC family, as well as the Atlas Copco PitViper series.

The latest Pitviper, the PV 235 is a track-mounted, multi-pass rotary or DTH drill rig, with hydraulic top head drive for drilling blast holes.

The SmartROC D65 and PitViper 235 share technology and information to complete comprehensive projects in a more efficient way.

Self-diagnostic capabilities

By minimising the number of hoses and hose metres, the SmartROC is more easily maintained and less prone to leakage, making it more reliable and environmentally friendly. The rig also features efficient trouble-shooting through intelligent sensory and self-diagnostic capabilities.

Operational comfort

The operator can monitor progress from the comfortable cabin. With no pipework and gauges in the cabin, the operator enjoys a more ergonomic, spacious dry cabin, in which both noise and the risk of oil leakage are reduced.

The control gauges and instruments common in conventional rigs are replaced by a display unit, maximising the operator's work space and field of view.

Upgrades ahead through continual improvement and innovation

At Atlas Copco, we are continually seeking to improve productivity for our customers. As such, further options for the SmartROC will be available in the future.

Revolutionise your mining operation with us!