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By MCU-Coatings

MCU-Coatings' resilient nature, efficiently serves a variety of industries, including equipment and vehicle, energy, and many more.


Our MCU-Coatings standard system exceeds 15,000 hours and up to 20,000 hours salt fog exposure. MCU-Coatings system can be used for immersed and non-immersed mining, as well as processing and infrastructures, due to its extreme abrasive-resistance, and cathodic protection through zinc particles and high barrier effect. Shut downs for repainting can be shortened by 30 - 40% when using MCU-Coatings, compared with two-pack Epoxy/PU systems.


Marine and offshore

MCU-Coatings exceeds up to 20,000 hours of salt fog exposure. This built-in flexibility allows for structure vibrations, without the worry of cracked coating. The proven cathodic and barrier protection, as well as the ability to paint in harsh and humid conditions, makes MCU-Coatings the best choice for offshore applications.

MCU-Coatings offers a unique designed technology to coat your entire ship and offshore structures, without the restrictions and limitations of traditional coatings. All products in the systems are of one-component coatings which can be applied under cold and high moisture conditions, and are tolerant to hand-tool, abrasive and UHP preparations. Whether you need a coating for immersion, drinking water, chemical-resistance, abrasion-resistance or decorative, with only four of our coatings products, you protect all these areas for an extremely long life-cycle.

We understand that shipdecks are working platforms, subject to impact and abrasion, which are major causes to premature failures, resulting in regular repainting. Whilst other paints cannot achieve the perfect coating, MCU-Coatings' technology can. We stick to classic coatings, without the need for over-coating, or an adhesion primer which is usually required for classic coatings.


The 20 to 30+ stocked traditional coating products can be replaced with five to six MCU-Coatings products and just one MCU-Thinner and you have your sea stock.


Oil, gas and chemical plants

Built-in chemical-resistance and flexibility allows structure vibrations without the wearing and cracking of paint coating.

Sweating, frozen, hot substrates, pipelines

MCU-Coatings standard products can be easily applied on surfaces that are condensating and have a temperature from -15°C to +100°C. Our products can save you money.


Dams and hydro application

Built-in flexibility allows for serious impacts from floating objects, without mechanical damage. With proven cathodic and barrier protection, MCU-Coatings is the best choice for dam and lock applications.

Transmission lines application

A fast and easy-to-apply, durable coating system with an extremely tolerant primer for over-coating, is essential for the maintenance of transmission lines.

Many major projects, new build and over-coating, were successfully painted in a two-layer system.

Concrete cooling tower application

cooling tower Many concrete cooling towers are becoming aged, as they are left in poor condition. This leads to the need for amendments and recoating.

The high humidity and moisture content in the concrete makes MCU-Coatings as a natural for these repainting projects. Hundreds of towers are reconditioned with MCU-Coatings over the years.

Windmills application

A recent study displayed considerable savings (potentially millions of Euros), for major windmill builders when using MCU-Coatings for their new coat and repair specifications. MCU-Coatings' ease of application such as its one-component technology, fast over-coating and surface tolerance, lead to significantly reduced man-hours, making us the natural choice for maintenance.

Infrastructures and bridges

Bridge and general construction application

dam-gateMCU-Coatings has one of the most successful track records in the industry on bridge projects.

Successful application during high humidity and/or minus temperatures to -15°C below freezing (10°F), has made many satisfied customers. MCU-Coatings two- or three-layer system, will give you the toughest, longest lasting coating on new construction, full removal steel projects, or existing paint over-coating projects, including old lead coatings.

Wastewater application

water appMCU-Coatings can be used for immersed and non-immersed structures. Shut downs for repainting can be shortened by 30 - 40 % when using MCU-Coatings compared with two-pack Epoxy/PU systems. The high humidity and moisture content in the concrete makes MCU-Coatings an appropriate solution for these repainting projects.

Tunnels application

MCU-Coatings is an excellent choice of application for tunnels. It provides perfect adhesion on concrete (resists the moisture of concrete), and can also be applied in cold damp conditions. This is ideal for night work when traffic is low. Our chemical-resistant and cleanable luminescent coating, MCU-NiteGlo, glows up to eight hours, and can be used for safety marking.

Other Industries application

Other industries such as pulp and paper, the food industry, and many more, enjoy the benefits of MCU-Coatings.

Equipment and vehicle

equipment vehiclesMCU-Coatings realises a growing market in the vehicle and equipment/machinery market.

MCU-Miozinc primer has solved premature corrosion and blistering problems clients had experienced on their trailers, trucks and heavy-duty machinery. Together with our highly abrasive, impact and UV-resistant MCU-Topcoat, an easy and solid long-term solution was offered for all those clients and outperforming Epoxy/PU.